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Andrew Yang Isn’t Giving Up On Establishing A Universal Basic Income Just Yet

07 March 2020

During an appearance on The View Andrew Yang announced that he had founded a new non-profit organization named Humanity Forward which would work towards fulfilling his goal of establishing a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

The former Presidential candidate has refused to give up on the issue of income which was the basis of his brief presidential run.

Yang’s run ended on the evening prior to the New Hampshire primary. However, according to the former candidate by that time he had already accomplished what he set out to accomplish from the beginning.

By the time of the New Hampshire Primary, Yang’s beliefs were already being endorsed by many US citizens especially online.

Yang’s policy-based non-profit organization will look towards identifying if certain policies are truly viable solutions when put into practice.

Currently Yang has pledged $3 million towards the initiation of the project which he hopes will sustain itself over the coming years.

The Humanity Forward project will begin with one early supporter being given $1,000 a month for a year. The $1,000-a-month is a reference to Yang’s presidential proposal to replace the current social welfare programs with his UBI.

The foundation will also donate $500,000 in UBI to residents of a town in New York state as part of an initial pilot program.

Yang who claims he’s “looking to solve problems and add as much value as possible” is also launching a podcast, in which he will “discuss new ideas to solve the greatest challenges of our time.”

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