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Amazon Share Further Details On Their Electric Delivery Vans

02 March 2020

Having invested heavily in the up and coming electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, Amazon will be hoping to have the first of its driver-friendly delivery vans on the road by next year.

When Amazon made its investment in Rivian it tasked the manufacturer with producing an electric-van that would make making deliveries a pleasure for all Amazon delivery drivers.

On Sunday Amazon shared more details on how drivers have been placed at the forefront for the development of the upcoming delivery vans.

To create a truly pleasurable experience engineers had to assess details such as how the drivers will enter the vehicle, ergonomics while driving, searching for a specific package and how drivers exit the delivery van.

Currently, the development program included driver input to reshape armrests, include a larger windshield for greater visibility and a slew of active safety gear.

Alexa will, obviously, be built right in and will keep drivers from entering much information manually. Rivian previously said the vans will also boast a totally digital dashboard and the center stack’s screen will house Amazon logistics. Both the logistics program and Alexa will handle mapping, which does away with the need for drivers to carry other devices for navigation. (CNET)

Amazon is racing to achieve the Paris Climate Accord goals 10 years early and these electric delivery vans play a major role in Amazon achieving its goal.

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