Bongumusa Simelane


05 February 2020

Elon Musk, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tesla Motors. AFP/GETTY IMAGES

A Gigafactory Might Be Heading To Texas

A recent Twitter poll done by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, might just hint at a new Gigafactory being built in order to increase production for the in-demand automaker’s electric vehicles.  

Musk posed a basic question to his millions of followers “Giga Texas?” and allowed them to choose between the options “Hell Yeah” or “Nope.”

According to YahooFinance, just after midnight in San Francisco time Wednesday, more than 125,000 people had voted, with about 80% responding yes.’

Tesla Inc. recently opened its latest Gigafactory, which is currently making deliveries, in Shanghai and has been on a resurgence that’s seen the company’s share price double in value over recent months.

The electric-car company is currently the most valuable vehicle manufacturer in America and second to only Toyota globally. 

With plans for another Gigafactory in place it seems only a matter of time before the automaker takes tops spot globally.

Last month, President Donald Trump signaled that he expected Musk to add to Tesla’s U.S. manufacturing capacity.