Sir Richard Branson & Virgin Voyages Release Signature Scent

Virgin Voyages’ primary cruise ship, The Scarlet Lady, will finally set sale on the 1st of April 2020. After a long wait for enthusiasts the first official voyage of what Sir Richard Branson has described as “a ship that can revolutionize the voyage industry” will welcome its first round of voyagers.

Prior to the Scarlet Lady’s maiden voyage the Virgin Voyages team have enticed their voyagers and potential voyagers even further. What began as sample videos has become a sea worthy masterclass that’s been topped off with its very own fragrance. Ship No.1 is the name of the new fragrance released by Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages in a recent video.

Virgin Voyages plans to have the whole Scarlet Lady scented with their new fragrance, the Ship No.1. The fragrance as described by the Robb Report “evokes the feeling of being at sea with its hint of sea lavender and salt air contrasted against the warmth of sun-kissed wood from a fig tree.” The fragrance is solely available on making it available for everyone

The cost of Ship No.1 is $50 per 100ml bottle, however, in truly philanthropic spirit Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages have chosen to donate all proceeds from the Ship No.1. The proceeds will be in support of the 30X30 initiative which aims to safeguard at least 30 percent of the world’s oceans by 2030. The goal of the 30X30 initiative is to do this through a network of highly protected marine areas.

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